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Sufi Symbolism I

This is the first volume of a 16-volume work by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh. It was conceived in response to a multitude of queries from aspirants on the Path, seeking the interpretation of poetic symbolic terms, with a view to helping them to better understand and appreciate the mysteries and subtleties of sufi poetry. The sufis have conceived of a series of metaphors to symbolize the limbs and traits of the Absolute as the "Beloved" in their poetry. Each symbol has its own particular interpretation, which is discussed in this volume.

Excerpt from Sufi Symbolism I

The Curve of the Eyebrow (kham-e abru)

The curve or bend of the eyebrow is said to symbolize the subtle nuance of the Divine Attribute of Beauty. It signifies the delicate shading of the borderline where Unity as Attribute ends and Unity as Essence begins.

In the corner of fond hope
     like moon-watches intent,
We've set our seeking eyes
     upon that eyebrow's bend.


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