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A collection of poetry written by Dr. Nurbakhsh over the past twenty five years; it is printed with Persian and English calligraphy on facing pages. The author uses the grace of poetry to communicate inner experience of the heart's involvement with God. These poems are written to be sung wherever sufis gather to 'drink the wine of Love'.

Excerpt from Divan-e Nurbakhsh Sufi Poetry

The People of Loving-Kindness

We are the people of Loving-kindness-leaders,
     guides of one another.
From the purity of Love’s footstep,
     we are helpers of one another.

though in body separate, we are all
     but one spirit,
Soul and spirit, heart and possessor of hearts
     of one another.

We are all one peopke,
     without “you and I,” only “we,”
All equal, all Love, all beloveds
     to one another.

But for us, no one is allowed
     to enter our courtyard.
We are chained to each other, all sympathizers
     with one another.

Each one would sacrifice himself
     for the other here.
All are candles and moths, all flowers and garden
     for one another.

Our assembly, no doubt, is the solitude
     of companionship.
All are drunk and sober
     from one another.

The armies of the self
     have fled from us,
For we are all fellow soldiers here, all commanders
     of one another.

Our pain requires
     neither doctor nor rememdy.
We are all the cure, all the sickness
     of one another.

If you call someone here,
     all will say “yes,”
For all have one name; all are companions, vigilant
     for one another.

O Nurbakhsh it is from being without
     “I and we”
That we are the desire and the customer
     of one another.

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