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The Illusion of Self

    The Illusion of Self Each of us tends to think of him- or herself as a distinct being, a “self” that is both separate from other people and separate from our bodies and our perceptions, thoughts and feelings.   We consider our “selves” to be individual beings that live from one moment to the next, continually having mental experiences that we see as belonging to us. Indeed, our assumption that we exist as distinct beings is so embedded in our psyches that it is almost inconceivable for us to seriously examine the notion that this perception of “self” could be… Read More »The Illusion of Self

    Caring for Others

      Caring for Others Altruism has been a central aspect of Persian Sufism since it was developed by such figures as Ibrahim Adham (d. 782), Shaqiq Balkhi (d. 810), Bayazid (d. 874), Abul-Hasan Kharaqani (d. 1033) and Abu Said Abel Khayr (d. 1049) in the region of Khorasan, now the north- eastern part of Iran. Altruism, as developed by these early Khorasanian Sufis and practiced by Persian Sufis for centuries down to the present day, advocates that Sufis—indeed all human beings—should serve God by remaining in society and helping and serving others. It stands in stark contrast with the Sufi tradition… Read More »Caring for Others

      Divine Love

        Divine Love The first time I read Rumi’s story of Moses and the Shepherd, I was struck by the fact that the shepherd was much closer to God than Moses even though the shepherd’s conception of God was not even remotely plausible. Years later, when I revisited this story, it appeared to me that Rumi had unravelled a deep mystery of divine love: in order to love God, one does not need to have a correct conception or description of God; what is required is a burning heart. Rumi’s story begins when Moses, on his way through the desert, came… Read More »Divine Love

        In the Tavern of Ruin

          In the Tavern of Ruin: Seven Essays on Sufism Javad Nurbakhsh This book is a thorough introduction to the basic doctrines and disciplines practiced by the Sufis. It replies to questions about Sufism It expands on the explanation of the meaning of “Sama” It dicusses the Master-disciple relationship and the etiquette of the Khaniqah (gathering place of the Sufis). In addition, it contains the speech on Sufism delivered by Dr. Nurbakhsh at the Sorbone in 1963 Order now

          Sufi Women

            Sufi Women by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh In the Prologue of Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh’s book Sufi Women the question “Is there any difference between men and women in terms of their faith?” is plainly addressed. With candid simplicity, Dr. Nurbakhsh writes that women who seriously set foot on the path toward Reality are in exactly the same position as men who do so. He goes on to extol: “Since in the Ocean of Divine Unity neither “I” or “You” exists, what possible meaning can man or woman have?” This enlightening book offers the reader a profound respect accorded through the centuries… Read More »Sufi Women

            Sufi Men

              Javad Nurbakhsh A complement to the book Sufi Women. This is a collection of the sayings and experiences of a limited number of major Sufis. Although there may be some perfected Sufis who have not been mentioned or some Sufis without the same merit, who have been praised here, there has been no agenda in selecting these individuals. Order on iTunes and Apple Store online. Order now  

              Traditions of the Prophet

                Javad Nurbakhsh This is a collection, in two volumes, of sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadiths) having to do with the humane aspects of Islamic tradition. It contains commentaries by the great classic Persian poets and spiritual masters in the Sufi tradition. Order now

                Masters of the Path

                  Masters of the Path: A History of the Masters of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order Javad Nurbakhsh This is a concise biographical account of each of the Masters of the largest modern Sufi Order (Nimatullahi) from the Prophet Mohamed to contemporary times. Order now