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The Door of the Tavern

    By Hafez

    Thank God the door of the Tavern is open
    and I am needy at His door.

    The vats are all boiling and crying out of drunkeness.
    Only the wine of truth can be found there.
    Not that of falsehood.

    From Him comes drunkeness, pride and aloofness.
    From us comes helplessness, self-effacement and neediness.

    The secret, which I’ve never told anyone, and will never share with anyone,
    I shall reveal to the friend – my only confidant.

    The tale of the twist and wave of my Beloved’s curl cannot be abridged.
    It is indeed a long story.

    I have stopped looking at the entire world
    Since I have gazed upon your beautiful face.

    Whoever comes to the district of your Kaba
    Will begin praying immediately upon beholding the qiblah of your eyebrows.

    Oh, people of the assembly! If you are interested in the burning of Hafez’s heart,
    Ask the candle as it burns and thaws away.

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