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O darvish, human beings of every nation and religion all exist by the
honorable cloak of existence, all are human beings like you.
If you are truly a lover of Absolute Being, then love all beings and be kind to
them. By doing so, you prove that you deserve the
privilege of belonging to the human family.

O darvish, disrespect for what others hold sacred only indicates
your own imperfection. In this regards, try to make yourself
perfect in the eyes of those who truly see.

O darvish, you have entered your name in the book of
outstanding human beings. If you are incapable of becoming
one of these people, at least try not to disgrace those few who truly hold the
good name of ‘sufi’.

O darvish, if others behave badly towards you, do not consider
them to be bad. Rather, look upon them as having a sickness and
be kind to them. If you conduct yourself in this way, you truly possess health
of the spirit.


Spiritual Method

The spiritual method of the Nimatullahi Order is based on four principles: remembrance of God (dhikr), contemplation (fikr), meditation (muraqiba), and self-examination (muhasiba).
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Social Principles

The fact that the Nimatullahi Sufi Order became so widespread and popular during the time of Shah Nimatullah is due primarily to his approach to Sufism and his charismatic personality. Succeeding masters of the Nimatullahi Order have continued to maintain his practice of integrating the social and the spiritual life.
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Principles of the Path

The fundamental principle of the Sufi path is founded on the experience of Reality, which from the Sufi point of view may b described as Absolute Being, Absolute Light, Absolute Beauty or Absolute Love.
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Charitable Works

The Nimatullahi Order is based on fraternity and equality of all human beings, with a genuine respect for all religions of the world, as well as love and service to all humanity, regardless of creed, culture or nationality.
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