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Through the use of a variety of media formats, this Library is intended to provide inspiration to seekers by stimulating various senses. Whether you prefer rational discourse, poetic expression, the melodic strains of sufi music, or spoken word – the hope is that the items in this library will bring some beauty and joy to the viewer’s life in the way a Sufi aspires to do.

  • Video

    Included in this section are a selection of videos intended to introduce the viewer to Sufism (i.e. the Interviews with Dr. Javad Nurbaksh), live performances of Sufi Music by members of the Order from around the world, and samples of meaningful music that members have posted on YouTube.
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  • Sufi Music

    Sufi spiritual music, or sama, is like the sun: it caresses and inflames, melts and burns. Sometimes the beginners on the path find that their hearts become weary.
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  • Talks on Sufism

    The following talks were composed in heartfelt moments by the previous Master of the Order, Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh.
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  • Writings by Author

    In this section, we present a selection of writings from key authors – those of critical importance to the Nimatullahi school of Sufism.
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