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Love for the Friend

    By Alireza Nurbakhsh


    No story is as beautiful as the story of love for the Friend.
    intimacy with the Friend is the most blessed good fortune.

    Those enslaved by the self can never approach Him,
    Unless one is granted wings of aspiration from the Friend.

    If you suffer a hundred thousand afflictions on the path of love,
    Have reverence, and respect the Friend’s sanctity; do not breathe a word of complaint.

    When the master of love called me to the sanctum of the Friend,
    the flames of Her love burnt away my heart and soul.

    He poured a new wine into my weakened body and soul
    and pulled me to the Friend’s presence with half a glance.

    I was rendered drunk and unconscious from Her manifestation
    and my heart became a mirror for the visage of the Friend.

    When He bestows light on me out of generosity and kindness,
    He empties my chest from all but the Love for the Friend.



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