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Spiritual States

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This category of Sufi literature deals with the inward transformations and transmutations that the travelers undergo on the way to God. In the classical terminology of Sufism, these spiritual experiences are summarized under the heading of the “stations” (maqamat) and the “states” (ahval). In the following volumes, Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh has gathered together the writings of a number of great Sufi masters concerning a number of these stations and states. These writings contain important teachings that every Sufi should have knowledge of so that he may compare his own inward experiences with those described by the masters and thus not fall into error in the perception of his own situation.

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The Psychology of Sufism

    Dr Javad Nurbakhsh This book is a guide to help the reader understand the nature of man and the obstacles to becoming a true human being. The book also discusses the realms of the Heart, the Spirit, the Inner Consciousness and the Innermost Consciousness. Order now.

    Sufism I

      Sufism I: Meaning, Knowledge and Unity Dr Javad Nurbakhsh This book contains essays on the three principal concepts: “the science of Sufism” with definitions and explanations. The Sufi concept of knowledge: the difference between knowledge imparted through revelations and that accessible to reason. The hierarchical levels of Divine Unity. Order now.

      Sufism II

        Sufism II: Fear and Hope, Contraction and Expansion, Gathering and Dispersion, Intoxication and Sobriety, Annihilation and Subsistence Dr Javad Nurbakhsh The book examines ten spiritual ‘stations’ and ‘states’ that are usually discussed in pairs. The spiritual traveler experiences these inward transformation as opposites, which propel and balance his/her movement on the path towards God. Order now

        Sufism III

          Sufism III: Submission, Contentment, Absence, Presence, Intimacy, Awe, Tranquillity, Serenity, Fluctuation, Stability Javad Nurbakhsh This is a book about mystics who approaching inner certainty in God enjoy ‘‘tranquility’’ and ‘‘serenity’’ through ‘‘submission’’ to God’’s will. Gradually, the trails of travelling through ‘fluctuations’ or constant changes of state temper the wayfarer’’s heart until it reaches ‘‘stability’’ in perfection. Order now

          Sufism IV

            Sufism IV: Repentance, Abstinence, Renunciation, Wariness, Humility, Humbleness, Sincerity, Constancy, Courtesy Dr Javad Nurbakhsh This is the fourth volume of five volumes. The sufi concepts of repentance, abstinence, renunciation, wariness, humility, humbleness, sincerity, constancy and courtesy are described in detail. Order now.  

            Sufism V

              Sufism V: Gratitude, Patience, Trust-In-God, Aspiration, Veracity, Zeal, Valour, Altruism, Shame Javad Nurbakhsh This book describes the attributes that overwhelm the seeker’s heart once the process of purification has run it’s course. The seeker becomes stable in character and balanced in approaching the world’s challenges. Order now