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Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis

    Javad Nurbakhsh This book presents a wealth of stories and poetry about Jesus, many of which are new to Christian readers. The inner meaning of Christian symbols are revealed here as they appear in Sufi mystical writings. Order now

    Dogs From a Sufi Point of View

      Javad Nurbakhsh The dog is considered to be a model for fidelity in classical Sufi literature. In this collection of stories praising the dog’s sense of patience, gratitude, service and self-sacrifice are the shared virtues of both dog and man. One anecdote begins: “I learned Sufism from a dog sleeping by the door of a house …”. Sufis see the value of humility, loyalty and the importance of taming the unruly aspects (nafs), inviting the reader to share in the wisdom of Jami when he says “I am the dog at the threshold of neediness, my collar is fashioned from… Read More »Dogs From a Sufi Point of View

      The Psychology of Sufism

        Dr Javad Nurbakhsh This book is a guide to help the reader understand the nature of man and the obstacles to becoming a true human being. The book also discusses the realms of the Heart, the Spirit, the Inner Consciousness and the Innermost Consciousness. Order now.

        Sufism I

          Sufism I: Meaning, Knowledge and Unity Dr Javad Nurbakhsh This book contains essays on the three principal concepts: “the science of Sufism” with definitions and explanations. The Sufi concept of knowledge: the difference between knowledge imparted through revelations and that accessible to reason. The hierarchical levels of Divine Unity. Order now.

          Sufism II

            Sufism II: Fear and Hope, Contraction and Expansion, Gathering and Dispersion, Intoxication and Sobriety, Annihilation and Subsistence Dr Javad Nurbakhsh The book examines ten spiritual ‘stations’ and ‘states’ that are usually discussed in pairs. The spiritual traveler experiences these inward transformation as opposites, which propel and balance his/her movement on the path towards God. Order now

            Sufism III

              Sufism III: Submission, Contentment, Absence, Presence, Intimacy, Awe, Tranquillity, Serenity, Fluctuation, Stability Javad Nurbakhsh This is a book about mystics who approaching inner certainty in God enjoy ‘‘tranquility’’ and ‘‘serenity’’ through ‘‘submission’’ to God’’s will. Gradually, the trails of travelling through ‘fluctuations’ or constant changes of state temper the wayfarer’’s heart until it reaches ‘‘stability’’ in perfection. Order now

              Bayazidian Sufism: Annihilation Without Ritual

                by Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh The sign of God’s love is to bestow three attributes on His lover: A generosity like that of the sea, a kindness like that of the sun, and, a humility like that of the earth. – Bayazid Sufism has always been presented as a practical, yet at the same time, transcendental school: ‘practical’ in the sense that it deals with disciplines that lead to enlightenment and ‘transcendental’ in the sense that it transcends the outward aspects of any given religion. In no sufi more than Bayazid are these two qualities manifested. Among the early sufis of… Read More »Bayazidian Sufism: Annihilation Without Ritual

                Sufism and Psychoanalysis

                  A Comparison Between Sufism and Psychoanalysis by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh Iradah A seeker starts his search for a master after he senses his own incompleteness and feels the urge to reach perfection. Upon finding a master, the seeker surrenders himself to the master’s will and becomes his disciple (morid); in this way he may pass through the stages of perfection and finally reach the state of the “Perfected One” (insan-i kamil). The spiritual bond which links the disciple to the master through this process is known as iradah. Although literally the word iradah means to want, will, or intend, among… Read More »Sufism and Psychoanalysis