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The Illusion of “I” and “You”

    from Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh












    O You, the source of all existence,
    Without You there is only destitution.

    With You I am above all that exists;
    without You, who am I? Nothing!

    In this twisted and convoluted world,
    You are my beginning and my end. I am nought.

    Believe me when I tell You that I am bewildered—
    O my existence, without You I am less than nothing.

    This illusion of “I” and “you” was only a dream;
    anything other than You is only a mirage.

    What can I say? You transcend all words;
    You are beyond letters, sounds and any poem of mine.

    It is best if I keep my lips sealed and not utter a word,
    You are all that exists and I am just an illusion.


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