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The Cupbearer

    By Alireza Nurbakhsh

    Cupbearer be generous – make me drunk
    Let me be a moth circling around your face.

    Make me a stranger to I and we.
    Let me share my abode with your love.

    Oh beloved! Gaze upon me.
    I am your guest
    Show your face! Make me crazy!

    If you do not give me wine, I will not complain.
    If you bestow wine, I will become the goblet.

    If you burn my heart and soul in fire,
    I become a legend in love and fidelity.

    Oh beloved! Be merciful. Revive my heart.
    Make me a pearl in the ocean of nothingness.

    Every moment you bestow light upon me
    To turn me into a beloved out of your generosity.

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