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    By Maghrebi

    Your beautiful face needs a clear mirror
    That can truly reflect You and Your beauty to you.

    When I glance at Your lovely visage
    I behold the beauty of the entire world.

    Nothing but my eyes are the beautician of Your visage,
    It is the sight that presents the splendour of Your face.

    The eye will have no regard for the beautiful ones of this world
    If it ever caught a glance of Your beauty.

    I feel You become lovelier all the time,
    Since my love for you increases with every moment.

    The attraction of Your beauty intensifies every instant,
    Snatching me from myself, from this world and the hereafter.

    Our eyes are unfit to behold You,
    Only Your eyes are worthy of witnessing you.

    Maghrebi! As long as the dark night of your self-existence remains

    You will not see the day of my sun rising from the eastern horizon of the soul.


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