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Idol Breaker

    By Alireza Nurbakhsh

    I have come to cherish the love for You
    like a precious pearl in my heart and soul,
    And to lay down my head at Your threshold
    and to make fruitful the love for You.

    I will avert my eyes from my self and turn my gaze to You.
    I am lost in the cupbearer’s beauty.
    How can I behold any but You?

    I have come to defeat and abolish both faith and unbelief,
    and empty my head of any thought of other than You.

    I have come to break idols and to break into songs of love,
    To prostrate myself before you, and to fill my chest
    with the fire of love.

    I will set up taverns everywhere, and make wine lawful to all.
    I will make everyone drunk and will take to the road once more.

    I will repeat your name and breath the sorrow of love for You.
    I will sacrifice my self to you and leave behind this “I” and “We.”

    You are love, and the light bestower of the soul,
    I have a sign from You, I have come to announce Your grace to all the world.



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