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He is the Living, He is the Truth, He is Hu

    By Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh















    How lovely, how beautiful Your face!
    What coyness lies in those eyes and eyebrows!
    Once I saw Your countenance
    I could never become intimate with anyone else.

    I desire only You;
    I utter only Your name.
    I see but One, say but One, and
    want but One.

    On Your path,
    I have given up both head and soul,
    and could never take offense or turn away
    from Your direction.

    I embrace both Your grace and Your wrath:
    for me, Your harshness is sweet and pleasant.

    I have erased all traces of self
    from my heart’s slate,
    and in their place have inscribed,
    “Everything is He.”

    Through Your love
    I have forsaken self-existence and have become tranquil,
    no longer rushing in
    every direction.

    Whether You bestow light or not,
    all night and day
    our zekr will be this:
    “He is Hu.”


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