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The Illusion of “I” and “You”

    from Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh                       O You, the source of all existence,Without You there is only destitution. With You I am above all that exists;without You, who am I? Nothing! In this twisted and convoluted world,You are my beginning and my end. I am nought. Believe me when I tell You that I am bewildered—O my existence, without You I am less than nothing. This illusion of “I” and “you” was only a dream;anything other than You is only a mirage. What can I say? You transcend all words;You are… Read More »The Illusion of “I” and “You”

    I Cannot Go on Without You

      By Rumi from the Divani Shams   I can live without others, but I cannot go on without you.My heart yearns for you. It cannot go anywhere else. The intellects eyes are intoxicated from you.The revolving firmaments are insignificant before you. My joyfulness is in your hands. I cannot go on without you.My soul simmers from you. My heart drinks a sweetness from you. My intellect laments for you. I cannot go on without you. You are my wine – my intoxication – my garden – my spring.You are my sleep – my refuge – I cannot go on without… Read More »I Cannot Go on Without You


        By Maghrebi Your beautiful face needs a clear mirrorThat can truly reflect You and Your beauty to you. When I glance at Your lovely visageI behold the beauty of the entire world. Nothing but my eyes are the beautician of Your visage,It is the sight that presents the splendour of Your face. The eye will have no regard for the beautiful ones of this worldIf it ever caught a glance of Your beauty. I feel You become lovelier all the time,Since my love for you increases with every moment. The attraction of Your beauty intensifies every instant,Snatching me from myself,… Read More »Mirror

        The Door of the Tavern

          By Hafez Thank God the door of the Tavern is openand I am needy at His door. The vats are all boiling and crying out of drunkeness.Only the wine of truth can be found there.Not that of falsehood. From Him comes drunkeness, pride and aloofness.From us comes helplessness, self-effacement and neediness. The secret, which I’ve never told anyone, and will never share with anyone,I shall reveal to the friend – my only confidant. The tale of the twist and wave of my Beloved’s curl cannot be abridged.It is indeed a long story. I have stopped looking at the entire worldSince… Read More »The Door of the Tavern

          I Love You

            By Mazhari On the soft silk of a blossom, the white dawn of love wrote:“Oh You! Always lovely as a flower. I love You. I love You.” On the sands of a calm sea, with the pen of kindness and the ink of tenderness,In a special and secret language, it wrote again:“Oh You who have turned into a mythical birdand lived in a legendary mountain. I love You. I love You.” The sands flee suddenly as the breeze appeared. A flower dropped from the branch.The gust made a wailing sound, and a bird began to sing:“As long as I exist… Read More »I Love You

            The Cupbearer

              By Alireza Nurbakhsh Cupbearer be generous – make me drunkLet me be a moth circling around your face. Make me a stranger to I and we.Let me share my abode with your love. Oh beloved! Gaze upon me.I am your guestShow your face! Make me crazy! If you do not give me wine, I will not complain.If you bestow wine, I will become the goblet. If you burn my heart and soul in fire,I become a legend in love and fidelity. Oh beloved! Be merciful. Revive my heart.Make me a pearl in the ocean of nothingness. Every moment you bestow… Read More »The Cupbearer

              He is the Living, He is the Truth, He is Hu

                By Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh                             How lovely, how beautiful Your face!What coyness lies in those eyes and eyebrows!Once I saw Your countenanceI could never become intimate with anyone else. I desire only You;I utter only Your name.I see but One, say but One, andwant but One. On Your path,I have given up both head and soul,and could never take offense or turn awayfrom Your direction. I embrace both Your grace and Your wrath:for me, Your harshness is sweet and pleasant. I have erased all traces of selffrom… Read More »He is the Living, He is the Truth, He is Hu

                Love for the Friend

                  By Alireza Nurbakhsh   No story is as beautiful as the story of love for the Friend.intimacy with the Friend is the most blessed good fortune. Those enslaved by the self can never approach Him,Unless one is granted wings of aspiration from the Friend. If you suffer a hundred thousand afflictions on the path of love,Have reverence, and respect the Friend’s sanctity; do not breathe a word of complaint. When the master of love called me to the sanctum of the Friend,the flames of Her love burnt away my heart and soul. He poured a new wine into my weakened… Read More »Love for the Friend